Anamer Castrello – Carmen

“Carmen in Havana” pairs singers from the In Series, a chamber opera group, with Washington Ballet’s studio and trainee companies.

–Angelisa Gillyard

“Another highlight and the star of the show is Anamer Castrello (Carmen). Her full-bodied mezzo soprano is a delight on the famous ‘Habanera’ and ‘Gypsy Song’…”
— Jessica Vaughan, DC Metro Theater Arts

“…At the top of the list, of course, is Carmen, the star of the show, vigorously and expertly portrayed in this production by the powerful and well supported voice of expert mezzo-soprano Anamer Castrello.”
— Terry Ponick,

“More than a dozen dancers surrounded the sassy mezzo-soprano Anamer Castrello, although it must be said that she appeared to be having the time of her life, strutting around and singing about a rebellious bird while girls in white fluttered around her.”
— Rebecca Ritzel, Washington Post